Visiting Hustopeče, the town of good wine and almond trees is always worth it; as we can confirm.

What we recommend for active holidays in Hustopeče

There are plenty of interesting activities to partake in during the day in the sunniest and hottest part of the Czech Republic, whilst waiting for another evening of wine tasting witha selection of some of the best wines which honest wine makers offer as their feature. Not only can you join in with many of the events organized by Hustopece town, but you can also spend your days participating in physical activities, including hiking to solitary Pálava hills to enjoy the magnificent views on the water reservoirs Nové mlýny, vineyards or neighbouring villages. You can hike through fields into the unique Almond trees plantation and also take pleasure in the diverse scenery, including a view of Hustopece town from our new outlook-tower or cycle through our beautiful wine trails along vineyards and orchards while enjoying different views from numerous outlook-towers located in Hustopece micro-region. In extra hot days, you can find refreshment in Aquapark with outside pools, toboggans or beach volleyball courts.

Cultural event recommendations

Hustopece town organizes many interesting and sought-after events devoted to wine making throughout the years to celebrate wine culture. We can name more and more popular events, such as the Festival of Almond Trees and Wine taking place in March, Young Wine Festival, a major event celebrated in October or St. Martin’s Wine and Geese Festival organized in November. There are many other festivals taking place in this region and for more information you can check the official event calendar here. During July and August, the interesting Permanent Wine Exhibition  can be visited.


The town offers plentiful accommodation sites; you can find a list of them here. We have an excellent relationship  with The Halm’s Lodging House, which is located 5 min away from our wine cellar.

All useful information for tourists about Hustopece can be found at

The Tourist Information Centre is situated in the upper part of Dukelské townsquare.