Join us for wine tasting in our traminwine cellar built in 18th century or in our recently reconstructed barn. Wine tasting includes both young wines of the last vintage and archival wines. As per your request, we prepare hot meals or snack-counters. Please contact us and we will organize an event in accordance with your wishes and needs.

Wine Cellar

Wine cellar is where the fourth generation of our family makes delicious wines.  This cellar was built in the 18th century and is located on one of the two main wine streets in Hustopeče – Turhandly. Nowadays, it is one of the three biggest wine cellars in Hustopeče and the interior is one which is most authentic. Our cellar was a witness of the biggest fame of Hustopeče’s viniculture; Hustopeče used to be the biggest wine town in the Czech Kingdom, as well as the biggest wine center of the entire Moravia.

“Preshús” – the winepress house placed above the wine cellar, is unusually spacious and is considered one of the biggest buildings of its kind in the town as well. It is obvious that the cellar was built by builders who had learned this craft from anabaptistic people.


Our barn is located on the same famous wine street as our wine cellar. It is only 80 metres outside of the cellar. Before we purchased this property in 2011, it used to be a garage for agricultural machines. Since then, renovation and reconstruction started immediately. The rebuilding is now completed.

Small lounge.

Small lounge.

The barn consists of one main lounge, one smaller room, and a kitchen. The smaller room fitted with a fireplace will serve as a wine tasting room for 20 persons as well as a place where you can buy our wines and homemade products specific for the micro-region Hustopečsko.


Family celebration in main lounge, summer 2013.

The main lounge will be adjusted to wine tasting events for groups of up to 60 persons. It is also suitable for events such as corporate parties, birthday parties, or other important family meetings. We would also like to organize and hold small music concerts; arrange small scale art exhibitions or other productions in fall 2014. We will keep you informed for the future.


map turhandle

A: Wine Cellar, B: Barn