My father, some friends and I take the road to a carefully chosen wine region in Europe every year. The wine excursions are interesting for us wine makers. Each time we visit, it is edifying to consult with famous or extraordinary wineries; take up the atmosphere of those places, expand our viticultural horizons and to taste the different wines. What is very important to me is the recognition how those vinedressers behave to their customers, what services they offer and how perspicuous and cheerful they are. I try and apply the knowledge that I gain from here into our winery, which encourages myself to be confident in both the eyes of my customers and in my personal gain.

Moseltal (Germany, 2014), Steiermark (Austria, 2012), Wachau (Austria, 2011)

Map of our Wine Journeys: Moseltal (Germany, 2014)Steiermark (Austria, 2012)Wachau (Austria, 2011). Click on the map for details.

Moseltal, Germany, 2014

We found ourselves in an entirely different wine reality in river Mosel valley after only a ten hour drive from South Moravia. There are very steep slopes along river Mosel which are mostly mossy, establishing a vine of 60 %, making it greatly difficult to maintain. Although, in saying this I still admire them as they are simply magnificent. You can find visited wineries in the list below; however, two of them must be highlighted as a result of their special production, philosophy and wine presentation: Weingut Lauerburg and Weingut Kerpen. When somebody pronounces Mosel, I see opulent flavour of sleek Riesling combined with racy mineral acid.

Visited wineries:
Weingut Im Altem Keller
Weingut Paulinshof
Weingut Klein-Oster
Weingut Kerpen
Weigut Lauerburg
Weingut Theo(Heinz)Engel
Weingut Simon Hans
Weingut Kilburg

Click on the yellow spots in the map above and discover wine municipalities we have visited.

Photos: Pavel Jurák

Steiermark, Austria, 2012

We have decided to undergo and discover a wine region in the south of Austria this year. The entire existence of vine growing in this area might be a big surprise for many people, as we ourselves didn’t know what to expect from this journey. However, the wineries we have visited, the wines we have tasted, the services we have used, and the beautiful nature around us surpassed all our expectations. When Steiermark is mentioned, I recall beauteous dry Traminers and pure high aromatic Muscats every time.

Visited wineries:
Weingut Neumeister
Weingut Frühwirth Klöch
Weingut Giessauf-Neil Klöch
Weingut Polz
Weingut Elznegg
Weingut Dreisiebner Stammhaus 
Weingut Gross
Weingut Satterhof
Weingut Schwarz

Click on the blue spots in the map above and discover wine municipalities we have visited.

Photos: Pavel Jurák

Wachau, Austria, 2011

Click on the green spots in the map above and discover wine municipalities we have visited.

Photos: Pavel Jurák