Our small family winery, Jurak & Son, based in Hustopeče, the Czech Republic, takes pride in the quality, originality, and honesty of our business.

We believe good-class wines can only be made from high-quality grapes. Approximately 20 % of our production is made from grapes grown on our own vineyards. 80 % of a raw vine is being bought from trusted and carefully selected vinedressers with vineyards located in Velkopavlovická, Mikulovská, and Slovácká viticultural micro-regions.



Along the technology, we strive to maintain the natural regularity as much as possible; we interrupt the transformation from grape must into wine as little as possible. Our routine is to avoid chemical yeast as an ingredient in order to keep the wine characterized by an original variety of vine which it have been made from. Our wine matures mostly in rostfest wine containers, where white or rosé wines accompanied by intensive primary aroma and fresh savoury acids are kept. Bottles of these wines are filled in the spring, as its consummation is recommended for both the spring and summer periods, where they act as very pleasant refreshment for overheated organisms. Heavy white wines which can have a potential longer maturing life or red wine solely mature in oak and locust barrels.